New Beginnings, Stacks of Books, and Writing Again

Well, it’s been over half a year since I posted last. Thankfully, during that time, I’ve been able to recover some of my desire to read, and write–two things I lost while straining to keep a warehouse job (my first “real” job–I can’t say it’s exactly made me excited about…

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Dancing with Joy


It was raining just now, so I decided to go for a walk. At first I planned to just get my hair a bit wet, feel the rain on my face and arms (it was only sprinkling), and sit in the dugout at the school baseball field–rain on the metal…

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We are canvases, (becoming paintings)


Everything that happens to each of us has eternal value. Everything you do to your friend, every sin you commit, every fleeting thought, every word, it all counts. Our fumbling with God’s painting turns out for good in the end for His glory by His sovereignty and complete goodness. We…

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