I am a monster with soft skin, and an uncertain heart.

I am a sheep in wolf’s clothing.

I am death (no, just kidding).

I am a writer.

I will believe just about anything. If I wanna.

I hate blogging.

I like doing nothing–saying nothing, hearing nothing, looking at nothing.

People say I think too much. Sometimes I have to agree.

I love metaphors and analogies.

I have a strong affinity for hurling round, plastic objects.

I am standing in line in Chipotle as I write this.

I am consistently inconsistent.

I am obsessed with wolves.

I am a werewolf.

I love music. Often the sort most people around me do not like.

Like Death Metal.

Symphonic Metal and Folk Metal are awesome too.

I tend to like things less if they’re overly popular.

I love to read.

I have weird thought patterns.

I am way too introspective.

I almost always avoid absolutes like the plague.

I’m an emotional vampire of sorts.

I am a child, beloved of God by His grace and mercy in marking me as His, and the atoning work of Christ bringing me into His family. This is the last of a long list of comparatively minuscule things about me, not because I thought of it last, but because it is foundational to the rest of what I am, and God will always have the final say about who I am, and who I’m becoming.

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