My goal is to help authors make their stories shine by polishing the writing style and overall feel of the story from a reader’s perspective. For a deeper focus on story arc, see Story Coaching.

Services and rates:

General Critique: I’ll read your manuscript and send you a PDF (or your preferred format) document letting you know what’s good and bad about it. I’ll let you know how strong your opening is, how well your words flow, how deep your characters are, how boring your plot is, and generally whether it was an enjoyable read, and why or why not.  $10 for anything less than 8k words, $25 for anything less than 50k, or $8/hour.

Proofreading: I’ll read your manuscript and look closely for and fix any stray typos or grammatical errors, without changing word order/sentence structure. Good for when you’ve already had your editor fix something up, or polished it up yourself.  $12/hour

Comprehensive Edit: I’ll read your manuscript, fix typos and grammatical errors, and make and suggest changes to improve character depth, plot, and overall structure. I’ll let you know how strong your opening is, help you avoid cliches, unwieldy exposition, filtering, and other pests that keep your story from reaching its potential.  $16/hour

Didn’t find what you want? Prices too steep? Go ahead and fill out the form and let me know, maybe we can figure something out!

Submitting a project: Let me know what your project is, what your vision for it is, and anything else you’d want me to know as your editor. I’ll send you an email and we can continue the discussion, and you can send me your manuscript.

To submit a project, email me at another.otherworldeditor@gmail.com with the subject line “Editing”.


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