Reflections–The Voices

The Voices

“Will you listen to the voice of your critics in determining what sort of art you should make? Will you listen to the voices within your culture—the demand for commercial viability, the pull towards the lowest common denominator? Will you listen to the voice of the numb that complains that…

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Poem Thing – Don’t Forget

This is something I wrote on the same vein as last week’s post, Old People and Old Places, and I hope that it helps to…answer, in a sense, the difficulties acknowledged in that post. I think I could probably write another post, and another poem on the topic, too–we’ll see…

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Old People and Old Places

Do you ever feel like you’re walking waist-deep in old memories? Ever feel like you’re not far away from the past–like you may walk around the corner and find something or someone that would have been there twelve years ago, even though you know beyond doubt that they are not…

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