Reflections–The Voices

The Voices

“Will you listen to the voice of your critics in determining what sort of art you should make? Will you listen to the voices within your culture—the demand for commercial viability, the pull towards the lowest common denominator? Will you listen to the voice of the numb that complains that…

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Dancing with Joy


It was raining just now, so I decided to go for a walk. At first I planned to just get my hair a bit wet, feel the rain on my face and arms (it was only sprinkling), and sit in the dugout at the school baseball field–rain on the metal…

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Kuyper on inspiration


“God himself inspires those who have breathtaking genius in the field of art. He makes them to see a beauty and to experience in their spirit something far beyond what the world can offer, something that, once it moves from their imagination to outward expression, enriches the world, delights those…

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