Is Art Merely a Vehicle for Your Message?


“Art is simply the vehicle, not the purpose.” Reading this in a Christian magazine, I reacted immediately. Having a pen and nothing good to write on, I underlined the sentence, following it with a “?!” both to express my frustration and to ground the statement into my mind so I…

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Quoting – Wisdom & Wonder

“God’s honor requires the human spirit to probe the entire complexity of what has been created, in order to discover God’s majesty and wisdom and to express those in human thoughts with human language. Since the unbelieving world can do nothing but obscure God’s majesty and wisdom, Christian thinkers are…

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We are canvases, (becoming paintings)


Everything that happens to each of us has eternal value. Everything you do to your friend, every sin you commit, every fleeting thought, every word, it all counts. Our fumbling with God’s painting turns out for good in the end for His glory by His sovereignty and complete goodness. We…

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Sea of Dreams

I am doing the dishes, again… And visit the Sea of Dreams. Nothing’s normal. Submerged in concepts, thoughts, people, animals, and things, I look down and see a tarantula step out of a pale, feminine hand. Turning quickly away, I move upward, and see a face. Aged, but not frail,…

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