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A friend of mine and author of Finding the Core of Your Story is releasing an excellent follow-up, Loglines in the Wild! If you’re not familiar with Finding the Core of Your Story, and you’re a writer (or filmmaker or anything else to do with creating and marketing stories) definitely check it out. It’s a great help in learning to both understand and communicate to others the most essential elements of the stories you’re working on. If, like me, you’ve already read and benefited from that book, but could use more tips to fill in the gaps, you’ll definitely appreciate his next book. Here’s the official description:

Writers everywhere have learned to pitch their stories more effectively with Finding the Core of Your Story. Now author Jordan Smith is back with Loglines in the Wild, a first-hand look at the process of creating a great story pitch. Featuring eight case studies drawn from consulting sessions with independent authors and filmmakers, plus six new chapters of logline tips and tricks, Loglines in the Wild is the perfect next step for anyone who wants to learn more about crafting an effective story pitch.

Loglines is a quick read if you read it straight through, but it is packed with useful real-life lessons in loglining and marketing principles. At the beginning there is a refresher/crash course in what loglining is, for anyone who hasn’t read the earlier book on this topic. I think the crash course is sufficient enough for those new to the concept, but would still strongly recommend people get both books, though it wouldn’t matter too much which order they got them in.

The flow of the book is easy to understand, with separate case studies drawing from real interactions Jordan has had working with authors on loglining their stories. Each case has a summary of the given story, the starting point, and then the logline process, and a wrap/up takeaway section. There are also a couple chapters where he expounds on a certain aspect of loglining.

Loglines is an excellent resource for anyone whose played with loglining their projects but run into unique obstacles, or just needs more ideas for how to approach their specific story.

I got a free e-copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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    • Jeremiah Post authorReply

      They can be, though I find them so satisfying when they start to come together! I hope this book helps make it a more enjoyable and doable task for you, as I think it will for me.

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