Book Review: Loglines in the Wild


A friend of mine and author of Finding the Core of Your Story is releasing an excellent follow-up, Loglines in the Wild! If you’re not familiar with Finding the Core of Your Story, and you’re a writer (or filmmaker or anything else to do with creating and marketing stories) definitely…

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Character interview and free ebooks!


Hey everyone! I’d like to introduce you to Philadelphia, or Phil, one of the fictional people I’m fond of. I did a quick interview with her so you can get to know her a bit. Then if you want to hear more of her story, you can pick up Red…

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Update: Taming the Purple Elephant

So, between difficult life events, a new job, and other adjustments, it’s been difficult to find the time or will to blog, but I’m back, hopefully somewhat consistently again. While doing some reading about emotional issues and depression, I realized I’d been experiencing mood swings, rather than full depression. But…

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