Update: Employed

And so the nature of the battle changes. I have the feeling of work that I needed before–I know I’m making an income, and now I can set aside time for writing and learning web design.

Well, I can do that, but chances are great that I’ll be recovering from the stress surrounding work, or be depressed about having to go back in a few hours. Yeah. I knew things would still be hard when I got a job, but that’s life. I’ve kind of lost any desire to create in any fashion, over the past few days. That’s also life. Not sure when that desire will come back, or if I should try to force it to, or what.

I’m grateful to have the job, but I’m scrambling to keep it from consuming my life and health, even though it’s just a part-time dishwasher position at a localish health food grocery store. Over this weekend I’m going to be trying to set new goals for personal maintenance and good habits to try and build around my this new, ever-changing “routine”. Yeah, my schedule being different every week helps a lot with establishing consistent goals and habits!

I’ll try and post an update every Saturday or so, my next update might be more about my new goals and what I’ll be focusing on in my time away from work.

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