Book Review: Project 74 – Prequel to Red Rain


If you read and liked Aubrey Hansen’s Red Rain you’ll enjoy this bit of backstory. Project 74 is a Sci-fi short story, very character-focused in nature, and a quick read. The writing is clean, both in terms of language, and in terms of quality. It’s fun to see familiar characters, and to see them fleshed out a bit more, and see some of what led to the event of Red Rain.

There are a few sections that seem a bit slow, as there is extensive internal monologue, and it can feel a bit draggy, but it’s still entertaining and interesting. The story is also structured neatly, tying in rather well with Red Rain, starting you in familiar surroundings with RR’s protagonist before shifting fully into the backstory.

There’s also a snip of RR at the end to tie things together neatly, so if you haven’t read RR yet, it’s still worth giving this a try, as the order you read these stories in won’t matter too much, and the prequel does an excellent job of setting up the moral quandary that is central in the plot of Red Rain.

Overall, Project 74 is a fun read if you’re looking for light sci-fi with Christian characters and thought-problems. If I were giving it a star rating I’d give it 3 out of 5.

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