Book Review: Project 74 – Prequel to Red Rain


If you read and liked Aubrey Hansen’s Red Rain you’ll enjoy this bit of backstory. Project 74 is a Sci-fi short story, very character-focused in nature, and a quick read. The writing is clean, both in terms of language, and in terms of quality. It’s fun to see familiar characters,…

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Reflections–The Voices

The Voices

“Will you listen to the voice of your critics in determining what sort of art you should make? Will you listen to the voices within your culture—the demand for commercial viability, the pull towards the lowest common denominator? Will you listen to the voice of the numb that complains that…

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Update: Restless

So, though I haven’t done any writing to speak of (aside from toying with an idea for a fanfic), I do have further thoughts on what’s affecting my ability to act creatively. Being unemployed has, I think, had a part in making it difficult to allow myself emotional space to…

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Writing Update:

So, the quote and short post I shared yesterday sort of sets up for this week’s update. If you haven’t already, read it here. It’s not too long. As I said in that post, I have faced a lot of difficulty of late when I try to write. When I…

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