Thoughts (and/or ravings) of a Fantasy Writer

Is Art Merely a Vehicle for Your Message?

“Art is simply the vehicle, not the purpose.” Reading this in a Christian magazine, I reacted immediately. Having a pen and nothing good to write on, I underlined the sentence, following it with a “?!” both to express my frustration and to ground the statement into my mind so...

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Dancing with Joy

It was raining just now, so I decided to go for a walk. At first I planned to just get my hair a bit wet, feel the rain on my face and arms (it was only sprinkling), and sit in the dugout at the school baseball field–rain on the...

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Warehouses are fun places

Just kidding. They aren’t. But they can be exciting and interesting, if you try. Like, when I was unloading pencils from a truck in boxes weighing like a million pounds each. I wondered what they would all be used for. What words were lurking inside? What patterns would be...

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Sunflower thingie

So I’ve been tagged by at least two friends of mine (J. Grace Pennington and Zoe) to participate in a for-fun blog…thing. Since not only one, but two people have tagged me for it, I’m giving in and participating. Here are eleven random “facts” about me.

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Kuyper on inspiration

“God himself inspires those who have breathtaking genius in the field of art. He makes them to see a beauty and to experience in their spirit something far beyond what the world can offer, something that, once it moves from their imagination to outward expression, enriches the world, delights...

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